About Us

Affinergy develops novel diagnostics for cells, protein biomarkers and drugs using a combination of cutting edge technologies to bring needed diagnostics to all communities.

Affinergy licensed technology from Duke University in 2004 in order to develop and commercialize “site-specific biological delivery systems”. Affinergy has exclusive worldwide patent rights to all technologies it develops, including any products that are built upon the technologies that were licensed exclusively from Duke University. The company was “incubated” by Becton Dickinson during its initial 2 years in the BD Technologies R&D Center in Research Triangle Park, NC. Affinergy currently has 8 full time employees working in a 3,500 square foot wet laboratory and related offices.


Affinergy, LLC
104 T.W. Alexander Drive
Research Triangle Park
North Carolina


If you are interested in licensing Affinergy's technology or in other partnering activities, please to contact us.