The Affinergy Team

Chris Brasfield CEO

Business development
Financial and grant oversight

Martyn Darby

Director of Research and Development

Scientific development and oversight
Small molecule and protein phage selection

Jonathan Hodges

Product Development Manager

Quality management
Product development and regulatory coordination
Peptide chemistry

Wlla Jaber


Immunoassay Development 
Protein Purification

Isaac Sanford

Senior Scientist

Cell and protein phage display
Phage display vector and methodology development
Single cell phage display and flow cytometry and cell sorting
Protein affinity maturation

Patrick Leslie

Senior Scientist

Small molecule and protein phage selections
Lateral flow assay development
Immune profiling phage selections

Evgueni Kountikov

Senior Research Data Scientist

Immune profile selections
Bioinformatics algorithm development
Antibody phage display

Diane Evans

Assistant Controller

Keeping us running!