ApoL1 Rapid Assay

APOL1, a trypanolytic protein that in some forms (called G1 and G2) is protective against African sleeping sickness and is found predominantly in individuals of African ancestry. ApoL1 G1 and G2 convey disease resistance but also greatly increase the risk for kidney disease, while even one copy of the gene for wild-type APOL1 G0 variant eliminates this risk. Affinergy has developed a novel lateral flow test to show the presence of G0 in blood that can be available to all healthcare providers to inform healthcare decisions and improve kidney transplantation success.

In an ELISA format the assay correctly identified the presence of ApoL1 G0 in 60 samples of known genotype.

Affinergy has successfully developed the ApoL1 assay in a lateral flow format providing a rapid point of care test.

Affinergy's ApoL1 Assay Development is supported by the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparitities